“IN THE MOOD” by Glenn Miller.

“In The Mood” by Glenn Miller was recorded on August 1st, 1939, and released in September of that year.  The song was a massive hit, staying at #1 on the charts for 13 consecutive weeks in 1940.

Glenn Miller.  Source

However, it was not the first time the song had been recorded.  The song was originally arranged from an existing melody by Joe Garland and recorded by Edgar Hayes in 1938. The original score was over 6 minutes long, and wouldn’t fit onto one side of a standard shellac 78RPM record.  After its release, Garland sold the song to famous clarinetist Artie Shaw, who played it in concert but never recorded it.  After Shaw’s performance, the song was offered to Glenn Miller, who purchased it and re-arranged the saxophone tracks.  The modified, shorter result was a smash-hit with the public, and arguably catapulted Miller to super-stardom.

…record pressed by RCA Victor.

“In The Mood” is a timeless classic of the Big Band era.  It’s a fast, upbeat track, and an excellent example of the early, melodic jazz of the 30s and 40s.  The song is likely the most well-known of the style, and is a go-to for WWII themed events and movies that depict the turbulent era.

Click Here to listen to Miller’s original 78RPM version of “In The Mood” played on a period hand-crank portable phonograph.




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