I have finally decided what the scope of this site should be.  Up to this point, I’ve been posting daily on a variety of topics, with posts ranging between 400-1800 words.  At this point, I’ll be changing my posting schedule from once daily to 3 times per week, to increase the quality of my content.  From this point on, you can expect medium-length and informative work, regularly posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To give you an idea of what to expect from this point on, here’s a basic outline of my plans for this site:

Monday: Maintenance Monday

Wednesday: Marvelous Machines

Friday: Interesting History

The rest of the week (and weekend) is reserved for miscellaneous articles and other exciting content. Additionally, I always appreciate feedback (positive or negative), and I encourage you to share your thoughts and stories to help improve the site. If you have a story suggestion or would like to write a guest post, contact me at neatoldmachine@gmail.com any time.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the site.

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