Welcome to NeatOldMachine.com!  Neat Old Machine is a place for people who like machines and interesting old things.  Here, you’ll find all kinds of fascinating history and marvelous mechanical creations.  NeatOldMachine.com is constantly growing and evolving, so stick around to see what’s new.  


  • Monday: Maintenance Monday

Maintenance Monday is a series where I show you how to care for your stuff.  The Home-Ec and shop class you never got to take.

  • Wednesday: Marvelous Machines

This series goes over the greatest (and most interesting) machines ever made.  

  • Friday: History

Friday is a great time to visit the past.  Friday posts are for fascinating historical events and oddities of the past.


If you want to share something interesting or related, contact me any time with your post or pictures. If you’ve got something to teach, I’d love to hear it.  For those who know me personally:  Yes, this is how I’m spending my time these days.