The Acetylene Carbide Lamp

Calcium Carbide lamps were once ubiquitous across America.  Carbide gas lamps illuminated mines, provided lighting for homes, and served as headlights for cars and even bicycles.  Calcium carbide itself is a remarkable substance.  The cement-like material produces volatile acetylene gas when combined with water.  Acetylene, while highly explosive, provides a clean, white, fantastically bright flame. … Continue reading The Acetylene Carbide Lamp

Marvelous Machine #2: Rolex Oyster

GUEST POST BY SPENCER CAMBOR "The Timeless Watch" Aesthetic timelessness is often sought, rarely achieved, and always up for debate.  Functional timelessness: an object’s ability to remain useable in the real world, is much rarer still.  This is what makes today’s marvelous machine, the Rolex Oyster wristwatch, so special.  It’s just about the only mechanically … Continue reading Marvelous Machine #2: Rolex Oyster