Marvelous Machine #2: Rolex Oyster

GUEST POST BY SPENCER CAMBOR "The Timeless Watch" Aesthetic timelessness is often sought, rarely achieved, and always up for debate.  Functional timelessness: an object’s ability to remain useable in the real world, is much rarer still.  This is what makes today’s marvelous machine, the Rolex Oyster wristwatch, so special.  It’s just about the only mechanically … Continue reading Marvelous Machine #2: Rolex Oyster

Machine Spotlight: 1983 Harmon/Kardon CD-491

Today's Machine Spotlight belongs to my Harmon/Kardon CD-491 cassette deck.  Back in 1983, this deck was extremely advanced, and (arguably) rivaled some Nakamichi models of the day. This deck still sounds incredible today, in both playback and recording.  Unlike most single-head cassette decks, the Harmon/Kardon 3-head unit enabled the user to listen in real-time while recording, allowing … Continue reading Machine Spotlight: 1983 Harmon/Kardon CD-491